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Tìm đại lý hướng dương

Looking for a sunflower dealer? Sunflower products are popular products in cafes, shops, bars… and are consumed a lot. This is one of the few types of products capable of serving a wide range of customers (from coffee shop environments, karaoke bars, etc. to popular restaurant environments such as drinks, etc.)

Find a sunflower dealer – What are high quality sunflower seeds?

To evaluate the quality of sunflower seed products, we need to rely on the following criteria:

  • Seed appearance: No yellow shell, white color with clear black stripes
  • Crispness of the seed shell: The seed shell is crispy for a long time, not moist
  • Fatty texture of the kernel: The kernels are ripe and intact

How to roast sunflower to standards?

Currently on the market, mainly homemade manual sunflower roasters are used and burned with charcoal. This causes the fire to only concentrate at one point, causing the sunflower seeds to ripen unevenly and the quality between batches is uneven. There are differences in roasting. After roasting, the production facility must re-incubate it again to ripen the inside, which causes the sunflower seeds to lose their crispness because the moisture is absorbed back inside.

Recruiting agents to sell sunflower seeds

Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company is proud to be the unit using a modern hot air roasting system applied to sunflower products. Sunflower seeds are roasted in a steam drum, cooked by heat spread evenly in the roasting drum, helping the seeds to cook evenly from the outside to the inside without scorching the shell. The seeds are cooked right in the drum after roasting, so there is no need to re-incubate them. It is smoked and cooled immediately, creating a fragrant sunflower product with a crispy skin and just-cooked inside, especially retaining its aroma after roasting.

Recruiting sunflower seed distributors

Currently, with an increasingly expanding production scale, we at Cafe Kantata Joint Stock Company are constantly recruiting agents to distribute sunflower seeds to the retail market. When you become our agent, you will be able to buy sunflower products at a higher discount than the market because our production capacity is very large, high quality products are ready to serve. customers.If you need to buy sunflower seeds in large quantities and become our agent to enjoy benefits and price incentives, please contact us today:

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