Recruiting sunflower seed sales agents

Tuyển đại lý kinh doanh hạt hướng dương

Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company recruits sunflower seed sales agents in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. Our sunflower seed products are lightly roasted. No preservatives, no bleach, no alum, etc. Safe for users.

Recruiting sunflower seed sales agents. The difference between Kantata sunflower seeds and market sunflower seeds

How are sunflower seeds roasted?

Currently, sunflower roasting establishments on the market have 3 basic roasting styles for sunflower seed products:

Pan roasting style:

This is a manual roasting style, only suitable for home use. It takes a lot of labor and roasting efficiency is not high. The batches are of uneven quality. After roasting, the sunflower shell has an unpleasant color because the outer shell is scorched. The establishments insist on pan roasting and supply large quantities of sunflower on the market. Currently there is relatively little basis for absolute trust

Roasting style using manual roasting cage (Homemade roasting cage):

This type of roasting makes up the majority of the market. Roasting with homemade cages is commonly used in roasting establishments. And wholesale distribution throughout Hanoi. The homemade roasting cage is made from the mixing chamber of a concrete mixer and is heated by charcoal. The temperature in the provided roasting cage is often unstable and the temperature is only concentrated at one point. This causes sunflower seeds to ripen unevenly. The steam in sunflower seeds is only released when the machine is turned on and the sunflowers are taken out. This prevents sunflower seeds from drying out after roasting.

Final step before cooling.

Manual roasting establishments will often ferment sunflower seeds so that the seeds are cooked inside. However, this causes water vapor to not only not escape but also to permeate back into the sunflower seeds. Causes the seeds to become damp, prone to mold growth and loss of crispness.

Recruiting agents to sell sunflower seeds – Roasted with Hot Air technology of Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company

This is an uncommon type of sunflower roasting on the market. Cafe Kantata Joint Stock Company is proud to be the first unit to use hot air technology in roasting sunflowers. This is the outstanding feature that makes the sunflower seed products distributed by Cafe Kantata Joint Stock Company have better quality than any other type of sunflower on the market. Some outstanding advantages of applying hot air technology to roasting sunflowers are:

Outstanding advantages of using high technology in roasting sunflower seeds

1. Sunflower seeds ripen evenly, retaining their flavor

With a different operating principle from homemade sunflower roasting machines. The hot air sunflower roaster that Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company is using uses gas fuel to create heat in the roasting cage, using hot air to ripen the sunflower seeds right in the cage. Unlike roasting machines that often use the heat of the roasting stove directly on the walls of the pan or roasting cage. Using a sunflower roaster with hot air technology, sunflower seeds after roasting will cook evenly from the inside out, retaining the unique flavor of sunflower seeds.

2. Blow away sunflower debris after roasting

One problem that many people who use sunflower roasters are often concerned about is after roasting. Sunflower seed shells and debris are often left in the roasting cage, causing blockages and even fires. For hot air roasters, the exhaust fan system will blow away the silk layer after roasting is completed. Smoke is also quickly collected outside to keep the smell of sunflower seeds from becoming smoky.

Recruiting sunflower seed agents

3. Sunflower cooling system quickly

The roasting cage has an additional air cushion, helping the sunflower seeds evenly contact the entire surface with heat. This helps minimize sunflower seed burn and the uneven ripeness of the inside and outside of sunflower seeds. Cool sunflower quickly to prevent sunflower from continuing to ripen after roasting, affecting the quality of sunflower seeds.

4. Environmentally friendly

The hot air sunflower roaster saves a lot of fuel compared to conventional machines, and the roasting capacity is also better. Besides, it is also quite environmentally friendly and does not have a burning smell when roasting.

Maximum control of the amount of CO2, NO2,… generated after the sunflower roasting process. Minimize the amount of impurities released that pollute the environment. In addition, the machine uses gas which is environmentally friendly, leaving no emissions after the roasting process. Helps keep the sunflower roasting space unaffected.

Recruiting sunflower seed sales agents

With all the above advantages, Kantata sunflower seeds are a product that promises to bring high economic efficiency. In particular, our company produces and distributes products by hand, without going through intermediaries. Therefore, you will get high quality sunflower seed products at the cheapest price on the market. If you want to become our sunflower seed dealer, please contact the hotline: