Recruiting clean coffee distribution agents in Hanoi

Cafe nguyên chất Kantata

The demand for clean coffee distribution in Hanoi is increasing, especially in the inner districts of Hanoi city because people are more aware of protecting their health and understand that psychology. , Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company has launched high quality clean products, distributed to many cafes in the area as well as neighboring provinces.

Currently, Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company has expanded production and directly recruited agents across the country. In addition, we also process high quality clean coffee products, supplying commercial companies worldwide. Hanoi area.

Distributing clean coffee in Hanoi. Why should you trade Kantata clean coffee products?

When you get processed coffee from Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company and distribute it to customers, you will save many different costs such as:

  • No warehouse costs
  • No need to spend money on warehouse operations
  • No administrative or personnel costs
  • Don’t worry about production personnel issues
  • Save on global costs
  • Coffee quality is always guaranteed with even mixing ratio, coffee products do not change in quality over a long period of time.
Pure raw coffee beans

Processing clean coffee in Hanoi

Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company is one of the few units in Hanoi that accepts coffee roasting (coffee processing) with modern hot air technology and low cost. When using our company’s cheap coffee roasting service, you can be completely assured of the quality of the service and can especially choose green coffee products at economical costs. Why do we assert this? That’s because when roasting coffee at Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company, you will get:

  • The product after roasting has uniform quality in one batch and is uniform in different roasting times, with no deviation in roasting quality.
  • Each different type of coffee will be roasted at different temperatures to ensure that the coffee beans are cooked to the correct standards and not burned
  • Leading modern hot air roasting technology helps coffee ripen with hot air and is continuously stirred in the roasting cage. Immediately after roasting, the coffee beans will be cooled immediately and stored properly, ensuring Guaranteed that the coffee will retain its aroma for a long time and is of excellent quality.
Coffee processed in Hanoi – roasted coffee in Hanoi

Current best-selling roasted and ground coffee products for shops:

Pure roasted Arabica coffee (A+)

Pure roasted and ground Robusta coffee (R+)

Pure roasted and ground Culi coffee (C+)

Traditional coffee for shops (T+)

Traditional coffee with butter flavor (T+1)

Traditional coffee with caramel flavor, French wine (T+2)

Kantata green coffee beans are selected from ripe beans to produce the highest quality products

Distributing clean coffee in Hanoi – Contact to buy roasted and ground coffee in Hanoi:

Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company specializes in distributing raw green coffee and roasted coffee to customers in the Hanoi area and some provinces across the country with cheap prices and customer service.

Contact us when buying roasted and ground coffee


Address: 18 Vo Van Dung, Dong Da, Hanoi
Hotline: 0989.568.247 – 0949.477.247

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