Kantata Premium Arabica Coffee

Product Name: Kantata Premium Arabica Coffee

Product code: A_C A

Product Line: Arabica Coffee

Ingredients: Cau Dat Arabica coffee beans

Growing area: Kantata Farm Cafe Cau Dat – Da Lat altitude over 1500m

Package size: 500g, 1kg

Flavor: Sweet and fragrant fruit aroma blended, strongly spreading

Aroma: The rich taste, mild bitterness, sour bar create a refreshing feeling, is a luxurious taste, suitable for customers who have luxurious coffee taste.
Suitable for use with machine brewing, creating famous coffee products in the world such as: Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Espresso Corretto,
Cafe Latte, Espresso Lungo, Espresso Ristretto, Latte macchiato, Cafe Americano, Cafe Freddo, Espresso Doppio,…..