Traditional Blend Kantata Coffee (No. 3 – Code T+3)

Product name: Traditional Blend Kantata Coffee (No. 3)

Product code: T+3

Product line: Traditional Blend Coffee

Ingredients: Cau Dat Arabica coffee beans and Robusta Kantata (No. 3) according to special mixing ratio

Growing area: Farm Cafe Kantata Cau Dat – Da Lat (altitude over 1500m) and Farm Cafe Kantata Dak Lak

Packaging: 500g, 1kg

Aroma: Blending the passionate aroma of fruit, the typical syrup of Cau Dat Arabica coffee combined with the cool scent of Robusta Kantata No. 3 to create a rich, pervasive fragrance.

Flavor: Robusta is an ancient French variety with over 70% ripe fruit with a smooth bitter taste mixed with the sour taste of Cau Dat Arabica to bring a rich and refreshing flavor.

Suitable for use with coffee machines and filters, this is a product used by many coffee shops in Hanoi.