Recruiting clean coffee distribution agents in Hai Phong

Phân phối cà phê sạch tại Hải Phòng

Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong. In recent years, the coffee market has been volatile, fake coffee is widespread, real coffee has lost its place, and consumers do not know how to differentiate. Fake coffee not only harms consumers’ health and economy, but also makes consumers confused and gradually lose trust in Vietnamese products. Understanding that, Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company has expanded the distribution of clean coffee products to customers nationwide through a nationwide agent system.

Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong

Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong, Cafe Kantata Joint Stock Company distributes clean coffee to trading companies and processes coffee in the following districts:

  •   Hong Bang District

  •   Le Chan district

  •   Ngo Quyen district

  •   Kien An District

  •   Hai An District

  •   Do Son District

  •   An Lao district

  •   Kien Thuy district

  •   Thuy Nguyen district

  •   An Duong district

  •   Tien Lang district

  •   Vinh Bao district

  •   Cat Hai district

  •   Bach Long Vi district

  •   Duong Tinh District

Kantata processed coffee products help you conveniently in the coffee trade:

  • Raw materials are available, don’t waste time finding raw material distributors on the market
  • The quality of coffee beans is always consistent due to being processed with modern machinery and many years of coffee processing experience from leading experts.
  • Coffee beans are roasted exactly according to your requirements (medium roast, dark roast…) making it convenient to combine coffee types according to your taste.
  • Coffee is processed according to individual taste (roasted with wood, roasted and mixed with flavorings: salt, butter, caramel, wine…) with top quality aromas.
  • You can choose from our company’s available product lines and request additional special conditions to create the flavor you desire.
Distributing processed coffee beans nationwide

Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong – Using Kantata processed coffee helps save costs:

Using processed coffee products distributed by Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company not only helps you get high quality coffee beans but also saves countless costs such as:

  • No warehouse costs
  • No need to spend money on warehouse operations
  • No administrative or personnel costs
  • Don’t worry about production personnel issues
  • Save on global costs
  • Coffee quality is always guaranteed with even mixing ratio, coffee products do not change in quality over a long period of time.
Kantata raw green coffee

Processed coffee from Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company

Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong. With many years of experience in producing and distributing coffee, Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company is increasingly expanding its production system and moving to processing areas near raw material areas to get the highest quality products, at the same time. Continuously improving production equipment and processing many types of coffee with different flavors to serve each customer in different regions. Currently our company is distributing pure coffee beans in lines such as:

HIGH MOUNTAIN Premium Coffee (M+)

Premium cafe HIGH MOUNTAIN (M)

Coffee Robusta (R+)

Traditional cafe for shops (T+)

Arabica Coffee (A+)

Origianal Culi Coffee (Cu+)

and many other products Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong

Above are some coffee bean products with retail prices distributed by Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company. If you want to buy in large quantities, please contact the hotline for direct advice on product lines and prices for each type. Kantata cafe only sells clean coffee to customers.

Arabica and Robusta Kantata coffee beans


Contact to buy cheap processed coffee:

Kantata Coffee Joint Stock Company specializes in distributing cheap raw green coffee and processed coffee to customers in the Hai Phong area and some provinces and cities across the country with cheap prices and customer service.

Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong – Contact when buying processed coffee


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