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Recruiting clean coffee distribution agents in Hai Phong

Phân phối cà phê sạch tại Hải Phòng

Distributing clean coffee in Hai Phong. In recent years, the coffee market has been volatile, fake coffee is widespread, real coffee has lost its place, and consumers do not know how to differentiate. Fake coffee not only harms consumers’ health and economy, but also makes consumers confused and gradually lose trust in Vietnamese products. Understanding […]

Recruiting coffee agents in Bac Giang

Recruiting coffee agents in Bac Giang. Bac Giang city is home to the most coffee shops in Bac Giang province. Large coffee shops in Bac Giang are most concentrated on routes such as: Le Ly, Nguyen Hong, Le Loi, Ngo Gia Tu , Hoang Van Thu, Dao Su Tich, Than Canh Van…. Recruiting coffee agents […]

Recruiting coffee agents and clean coffee distributors in Thai Binh


Distributing clean coffee in Thai Binh. Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company, with many years of experience in selecting, screening and roasting many different types of coffee, is ready to provide clean, roasted and ground coffee in large quantities to commercial companies in the city. Hanoi and many other provinces such as Hai Phong, Bac Ninh, […]