Suggestions from coffee franchise brands

Suggestions from coffee franchise brands

Suggestions from brands. What do franchise models like Milano, Thuc Coffee, Factory Coffee, Highlands, Trung Nguyen, Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf, Starbucks… show you?

CPerhaps we only see one thing. That people have a lot of money. Many people have money in their pockets and they are wondering where to invest and what business to do. And among the foods and drinks, coffee is the most popular.

The common mentality of people is to invest their energy in something.

For example. If you have 200 million, you will definitely ask how to open a cafe with 200 million. If you have 30 million, the question is the same, what will the cafe be like with 30 million? Even 5 billion, it’s exactly the same (projects in the city center).

nhuong quyen thuong hieu cafe espresso cao cap

So now you look at it differently.

Suggestions from brands. If a pure coffee shop needs 100 million (including financial planning, marketing, premises, operations…), then if you have 5 billion, shouldn’t you open 50 pure coffee shops (or 30 shops). Surely these 50 shops operate more effectively than 1 shop in the city center. More importantly, its “value” is also very large, not just 5 billion.

  • If you have a cafe that earns 10 million/month, how much will you “transfer” it for?
  • If you have 3 shops and earn 20 million/month (you hire someone to work, not do it yourself), how much does it cost to “transfer”?
  • What if there were 100 shops? That means wherever you go, you will see your brand. Every district has one. How much do you transfer?

Suggestions from brands: Usually we only do business for pleasure.

You want to own a cafe. And you will give it your all. This is absolutely true. But we should learn from these coffee franchise models.

There are many people out there who have money but don’t know what to do with it. Many people are searching for keywords like “franchise” on Google. Everyday. Hundreds of times. So if you have a compact model. Works efficiently. Wouldn’t that be very supportive?

Not far away.

Our article about opening a cafe with 30 million was shared more than 6,000 times (when the article was first published, it had 1,000 shares, but I updated the website so it was deleted – now you only see 6,000 shares). And we are here to remind you. You should build yourself a model from the beginning. Follow it. Develop it. And get great results from it. Don’t just focus all your energy and money on one shop. The rock cafe chain is also great. Sports cafe chains (soccer) are also fine. Coffee chain – technology is also ok. But think about chains. And if possible, you should use your money to open 2-3 shops for fun instead of just having one shop.

Suggestions from brands The method is also simple.

If you have a crowded cafe – extremely crowded. Other people will absolutely covet a cafe like that (even though they don’t know if it’s profitable or not). And they will invest in you. It is the people who come to your shop to drink coffee – convinced by your quality – who will spend money for you to open a shop. And you will see. Compact models are really safe and have fast development speed.

There are actually many people who have money and they want to invest in some effective business model.

Franchised pure coffee shops like Milano cost about 80 million for one shop (of which Milano’s profit is about 40 million) – but there have been 800 Milano franchisees since Milano launched (the number of Milano shops decreased because of unsuccessful business). very much but the important thing is that 800 people “have” franchised). Think about a compact model. At least it will help you work more systematically.