5 serious myths when you decide to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi

Mở quán cà phê rang xay tại Hà Nội

Coffee roasted and ground in Hanoi.

Coffee roasting and grinding in Hanoi is a startup option that is favored by many people, especially young people, when it comes to deciding to start a business.

Why a coffee shop?

There are many reasons why you decide to start your career by opening a coffee shop


However, most of it is due to the thought of wanting to be in control, partly influenced by coffee models. And liking to show off my abilities led to the decision to open a coffee shop

Opening a coffee shop is not difficult, but maintaining a coffee shop is not easy. That’s why so many young people start businesses and quickly fail with the coffee model

So how to make the right decision when opening a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi?

To avoid making the mistakes that countless coffee startups have encountered. You need to understand the realities that the coffee industry is facing today. From there, there are appropriate strategies to adapt to this potential market.

Myth number 1: Hanoi market is extremely large and easy

It is true that the Hanoi market is large, but the level of competition is also extremely fierce.

Without paying too much attention, you can see coffee shops of all sizes. The style is opened on almost all streets in Hanoi

This shows that the level of competition among coffee shops in Hanoi is very high. Therefore, you need to give your coffee shop a unique character. A place where every time it is mentioned, customers can immediately think of your coffee shop.

The characteristic must be something that brings long-term value to customers and needs to be supplemented and created, but still needs to retain the core value.

For example: Your coffee shop stands out because of its delicious drinks and clean space. Because of the dedicated care service, because of privacy, because of quietness, etc.

Also besides traditional coffee shop models. The development of fast food delivery services also helps customers have more choices. So you need to optimize the entire customer experience. And more specifically, you need to spend a lot of time researching the problems your customers want to be solved. Also keep an eye on your competitors – Those who are doing a great job solving the problems customers face. From there you will learn a lot of useful information

5 serious myths when you decide to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi
5 serious myths when you decide to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi

Myth number 2: Opening a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi will easily create a stable source of passive income

Don’t think that opening a coffee shop and operating it for the first time means you can give up and let it generate profits for you. Unless you are just an investor and hire a team to operate it all.

For the service industry, income sources have never been passive

You will face more problems than you think.

From employees taking breaks from work, fresh ingredients being inconsistent each day, sidewalks not being allowed to sell, etc.

Even if all other factors remain the same, you still need to regularly invest time. To develop and elaborate every single detail in the shop. And think about refreshing the customer experience to avoid boredom

 In general, you should determine for at least the first 3 to 6 months. You may have to replace employees until late at night and mistakes can happen at any stage. Even the smallest thing in the process of operating your coffee shop

Myth number 3: Opening a coffee roasting shop does not require much capital

The cost of opening a shop depends entirely on your target customer group and the conditions you currently have

If you are not sure you will succeed with this business path. Then you can spend a moderate amount of capital to build a model

5 serious myths when you decide to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi
5 serious myths when you decide to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi

For the food service industry in particular and the service industry in particular, the interest rate you receive is. (Under favorable conditions) can help you pay back your capital quickly

However, because it is a long-term business. What we need is to be profitable later, not just to break even. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously invest, calculate costs for development and also costs for risk prevention

Development costs need to revolve around the following main issues:

  • How to improve service and improve customer experience
  • How to keep both old and new products satisfied with customers
  • How can marketing programs always attract new customers while retaining old customers, preventing the brand from becoming boring and stale in the market?

Therefore, you need to solve financial problems in a methodical, detailed, and long-term way. Only then will there be a chance for this coffee industry to stand firm over time.

Myth number 4: Good coffee is everything

This is a wrong view, especially for customers focusing on opening coffee shops. Aiming for the criteria of serving pure roasted coffee in Hanoi

Agree that delicious coffee products are a necessary condition to help your coffee shop stand firm in the market. But that is never all.

They come to your coffee shop for more than one reason: good coffee, one of which could be:

  • Need to find a quiet place to work and study
  • A place to meet friends, partners, lovers
  • The need to enjoy fresh space
  • Sometimes it’s convenient, etc.

Customers are becoming more and more demanding, they come to coffee shops not just to enjoy a cup of coffee.

What customers today require from a quality coffee shop is to feel it with all 5 senses. Only then will they intend to come back a second or third time and even become regular customers.

What you need to serve customers is feelings and emotions

Basic sensory needs can include:

  • Smell: Step into the coffee space with its characteristic pleasant aroma
  • Sight: The coffee space brings a feeling of closeness, familiarity, freshness or luxury, class, beautiful and creative arrangement of food and drinks on the table…
  • Taste: Delicious drinks, delicate drink combinations
  • Touch: All items in the shop need to be clean, the materials of tables and chairs, carpets, glasses, bowls, cups, spoons, plates, etc., everything that comes into direct contact with customers need to bring a pleasant feeling.
  • Hearing: The music in the restaurant is at a moderate level, suitable for the customer, the season, the space, etc.

Emotional needs that customers need to meet include:

  • Privacy
  • Attentive care
  • Feeling respected
  • Feeling comfortable etc.

Myth number 5: Building a space with a photography-check-in mindset will definitely attract customers

5 lầm tưởng khi mở quán cà phê rang xay tại Hà Nội
5 serious myths when you decide to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi

In recent years, taking check-in photos at eating places has become no longer strange, especially for young people

Just apply the experience of choosing a location to open a coffee shop in Hanoi  And look for a unique decoration style for your coffee shop. You can have your own place that attracts more visitors than ever


If you intend to open a pure roasting coffee shop in Hanoi. Then you need to understand that that is not the core value of the coffee shop model you are aiming for

Check-in is just a trend, if there is no innovation. All customers come to your coffee shop for the sole purpose of taking photos. And there certainly won’t be a next time because a place usually isn’t posted too many times on social networks.

If we continue to follow this trend,

You will constantly have to improve the space. Not only does that cost a lot, but in the long run it also loses the original quality you have. Your customers won’t be able to define exactly who you are. From there they don’t have enough reason to come back to you.

Above are some good tips for you

When you want to open a pure roasting coffee shop in Hanoi, here are some important notes that will hopefully help you in the first steps of starting a coffee business.

If you need support with information such as:

Sample rental contract, advice when opening a shop, methods to optimize interior costs and cafe design, etc. Please contact us immediately.

With many years of experience in opening coffee chains, building systems and franchises. Cafe Kantata Joint Stock Company is confident that it can help you get more useful information

So if you intend to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi, don’t hesitate to seek our support. Cafe Kantata is ready to support you at any time!

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