Experience in choosing a location to open a pure roasted coffee shop in Hanoi

Tìm địa điểm đẹp kinh doanh cà phê tại Hà Nội

Experience in choosing a location to open a pure roasted coffee shop in Hanoi

Experience in choosing a location to open a pure roasted coffee shop in Hanoi. Location can be considered one of the key factors that determine your success when opening a pure roast coffee shop in Hanoi.

If you take the time to observe, you can easily see that there are cafes with large spaces, beautiful views, gorgeous decorations and unique drink menus that still do not attract as many customers as a cafe. Small, simple decoration

The main problem is choosing a location to open a coffee shop


Địa điểm mở quán cà phê rang xay tại Hà Nội
Location to open a pure roasted coffee shop in Hanoi


In the same area, even just a few hundred meters apart, two different locations will give different results.

So what are the criteria for choosing a location to open a pure roasted coffee shop in Hanoi?

First of all, we need to clarify the goal of opening a shop

Pure roasted coffee shops are different from other drink shops such as lemon tea, milk tea, yogurt, etc. in terms of customer base.

If you aim to open a pure roasting coffee shop where the target customers are students. It seems you have determined wrongly

Therefore, when clearly recognizing the customer base and business purpose. We can now focus on the topic of location selection

Experience in choosing a location when opening a pure roasting coffee shop in Hanoi

For people who want to open a coffee roasting shop in Hanoi, finding information today is both difficult and easy.

It’s easy in that you can access information quickly with countless suggestions on websites, forums, and information pages.

The main difficulty is because too much information leads to noisy information. There is a lot of mixed information and false information

This greatly affects the psychology and decisions of the shop owner

To minimize noisy information in the most effective way. It is based on the information at that location itself. That means you have to go to the place to examine it and combine it with experience. Analysis and judgment


Tìm địa điểm đẹp kinh doanh cà phê tại Hà Nội
Find beautiful places to do coffee business in Hanoi


To shorten your selection time, you should look for information related to that location. The specific search method is as follows:

Step 1: Search for location information by customer target

To choose a suitable location when opening a pure roasting coffee shop. You need to find out what customers you want to target, some of the most popular customers are:

  • Customers are office workers
  • Customers are students
  • Customers gather in the family area
  • Customers in coffee street
  • Customers in tourist street

For each of the above customer groups, you need to analyze their job characteristics and preferences. From there, we can figure out what kind of space will meet the requirements of these target groups

Step 2: Check the list of criteria for choosing a suitable location

After selecting target customers, we proceed to select locations according to the following criteria:

  • Stick to the area where your target customers are concentrated. You should choose a location not too far from the target customer area, within walking distance
  • Priority is given to locations with sidewalks and parking
  • Pay attention to the direction of the sun in the morning, noon, and afternoon. Combine with the customer’s travel direction to choose the most favorable location
  • Observe surrounding service stores such as markets, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. It also gives you information about customers’ living standards and consumption levels.
  • The location you choose should be on a small road. Vehicles drive at slow speed (About less than 40km/h). Give customers time to observe your coffee shop

Step 3: Apply location finding strategies

After obtaining the location selection criteria. You have certain requirements for the area where you plan to open a coffee shop

Next apply those criteria. You can choose location search methods such as:

  • Coordinate with real estate brokerage companies
  • Directly search: Go to a predetermined area to search or find information yourself on the internet and then go to the place to survey
  • Thanks to referrals from friends
  • Search for information through real estate transfer and store transfer postings

After this step, you can find some specific locations to conduct a field survey. Eliminate unviable areas.

Step 4: Apply the chosen strategy to the actual survey

Now is the step where you need to go to the site to conduct an actual survey

Take a look at the entire area you plan to rent, walking around the neighborhoods. And shop around to gather as much information as possible

Be very delicate to select the most accurate information. Sometimes the information you collect may not be truly accurate information. It can be subjective views or sometimes tricks of the lessor. Be wise!

If you intend to invest long-term, take the time to research carefully. Meeting the landlord face to face without going through a broker is best. Because you can negotiate the price with the homeowner yourself without going through any intermediaries. Not only does it save costs but it also creates a good relationship with the homeowner.

You may not notice it, but keeping a good relationship with your landlord is extremely important. Details in step 5!

After finding a suitable location. Once again, check the suitability of this location with the criteria you set out above. At the same time, start creating sales campaigns, advertising, etc. for your coffee shop

Step 5: Note some issues when renting a pure roasted coffee business location

Finding a good location isn’t everything. Now is the time for you to do more work and agree on issues related to renting a location. Because this will be the place to generate income for you in the long run

Experiences in the process of renting a location:

Rental period:

You should make a contract with a minimum rental period of 3 years, if longer, the better.

This ensures there will not be any problems related to the location you rent. To not affect your business for at least the first 3 years of starting a business.

In the contract you need to clearly detail relevant terms such as:

+ Compensation: For example, compensation for breaking the contract if the landlord reclaims the house before 02 years from the rental date.

+ Create a way out for yourself: For example, you have the right to transfer to another shop owner before the end of the lease contract

Premises rental price

In addition to negotiating to get the best price. You should also include rental price provisions in the contract such as: No price increase within the first 3 years from the date of signing the contract. Or the rental price will increase no more than 5% from the 4th year onwards, etc.

Maintain a good relationship with the landlord

Maintaining a good relationship with your landlord is something you need to pay special attention to because your business will be favorable. Whether it goes smoothly or not, we must first pay attention to the core issue of location stability.

If your relationship with the landlord is not good. It is very likely that you will not be able to continue renting while your shop is in a period of favorable operation and development

If you maintain a good relationship with your landlord, you will also receive a lot of support. Especially issues related to documents, government agencies, etc.

Above is the search process for choosing a good coffee shop location for you

When you want to open a pure roasting coffee shop in Hanoi, there are some important notes. Hope it will help you in your first step in starting a coffee business.

If you need assistance with information such as: Sample rental contract. Advice when opening a shop, methods to optimize interior costs and cafe design, etc. Please contact us immediately.

With many years of experience in opening coffee chains,

Building a system and franchising Kantata Cafe Joint Stock Company is confident that it can help you get more useful information.

So if you intend to open a pure roasting coffee shop in Hanoi. Don’t hesitate to seek our support. Cafe Kantata is ready to support you at any time!


Mô hình kinh doanh cà phê độc đáo cần kết hợp với địa điểm đẹp
A unique coffee business model needs to be combined with a beautiful location


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