Where to buy pure roasted coffee in Dong Da district?

Mua cà phê nguyên chất tại quận Đống Đa

Where to buy pure roasted coffee in Dong Da district?

Where to buy pure roasted coffee in Dong Da district is a question that any coffee shop owner who wants to open a shop or find a coffee supplier must ask for an answer.

Talking about famous coffee streets,

Places that are often gathering places for young people in Dong Da district we cannot help but mention: Hoang Cau lake area, Hao Nam, Dang Van Ngu, Thai Ha, Tay Son, Pham Ngoc Thach, etc.

There are many criteria to consider in choosing a cafe to experience such as: beautiful, quiet space, delicious drinks, spacious parking, close to the center, etc.

And the most basic requirement for a coffee shop that cannot be denied is to have good coffee.

Many people open coffee shops and focus on external factors while not focusing on the core value of coffee quality, which leads to when those factors become boring and customers lose the reason to come. Come to their cafe.


Quán cà phê view đẹp tại quận Đống Đa
Coffee shop with beautiful view in Dong Da district


The focus on quality coffee products can be seen. This is something that any coffee shop owner needs to pay attention to.

Is it necessary to choose the highest quality, most expensive coffee?
The answer is no

Why is that?

Which coffee product is best to use? When opening a shop, suitability is considered more important than whether or not to buy expensive coffee. Because it depends on each customer. Age, aesthetics, and taste of each individual. Each new area is the deciding factor in success when you open a coffee shop.

So what criteria are used to choose pure roasted and ground coffee products for Dong Da district coffee shops?

Regarding population characteristics,

Dong Da District is one of the central districts of Hanoi city. The place is crowded with residential areas and office buildings. Historical monuments, schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping stores, etc.

From that characteristic, it can be seen that coffee shops in Dong Da District serve many different customers. From affordable to high-end


Mở quán cà phê tại Quận Đống Đa cần quan tâm nhiều yếu tố
Opening a coffee shop in Dong Da District requires many factors to be considered


To choose suitable coffee products for the shop. You need to explicitly identify a single element:

Who is the main customer you want to target? (Gender, age, qualifications, interests. Willingness to pay, etc.)

To do this you need to rely on factors such as:

+ Location where you open the shop (Street or alley, residential area or office area. Population density, are there any prominent locations around a radius of 500m, etc.)

+ General prices of essential products around your shop area

+ Pre-existing coffee shop models in the area where you open the shop

+ Difference in customer density between day and evening


Advice when buying pure roasted coffee for coffee shops in Dong Da

When determining information about customer objects. You need to choose a coffee product with the right flavor.

Some suggestions you can refer to from Cafe Kantata:

For luxury customers (Sophisticated people who enjoy fine coffee)

This customer group has very high requirements for coffee. Coffee products suitable for them must have enough aroma and flavor elements. Often use machine-brewed coffee.

To get the best flavor. You should choose high quality coffee for this audience

Depending on each drink, choose the appropriate type of coffee

For example: Machine-mixed drinks such as: Espresso Macchiato, Cappuccino, Cafe Americano, Cafe Freddo, ….You should use premium Cau Dat Arabica coffee

Espresso Corretto, Cafe Latte, Espresso Lungo, Espresso Ristretto, Latte macchiato, Espresso Doppio,… You should choose Espresso or Blend between Premium Arabica and wet-processed Robusta.. To enhance the rich flavor.

For high-end customers (Those with high requirements and who know how to enjoy good coffee)

This customer group has high requirements for coffee. A rich cup of coffee, emitting a delicate aroma, will be something they especially love

The recommended product for this audience is Blend coffee between Arabica Cau Dat Da Lat and Robusta Honey. To increase sweetness, creating a deep aftertaste for the enjoyer.

For intermediate customers (Those who love pure traditional coffee flavor. No mix, no impurities)

The right product for this customer group needs to be 100% pure coffee. Focusing mainly on black coffee products and traditional filter coffee.

The coffee flavor that needs to satisfy customers in this group needs to have both strong aroma and taste. It doesn’t need to be too special, but it should always be fixed.

A characteristic of this customer group is that using coffee is not just like enjoying a new dish. Coffee has become a habit for them, often found in the office. They use coffee every morning.

The product most suitable for this customer group should be used by restaurant owners.It is a Blend coffee between Robusta with over 70% ripe berries and Cau Dat Arabica. Or original Robusta bean products

For general customers (Those who like to drink coffee, the requirements are not too strict. Mainly choose brown and silver coffee)

Customers in this group are mostly women. People who do not love the original bitter taste of coffee.

Coffee products for this audience do not require too much special flavor. But always make sure that when combined with milk, it creates great flavors.

The advice for you is to use the Traditional Blend. – Basic traditional coffee to get black coffee essence with balanced flavor. At the same time, the flavor will be enhanced when choosing to combine it with milk..


Lựa chọn sản phẩm cà phê phù hợp là điều kiện tiên quyết dẫn tới thành công khi mở quán cà phê tại quận Đống Đa
Choosing the right coffee product is a prerequisite for success when opening a coffee shop in Dong Da district.


Above are some suggestions to help coffee shop owners in Dong Da district gain more knowledge. To choose the type of pure roasted coffee suitable for your customers.

Each type of coffee will have flavors. The most important and unique characteristics are compatibility. Just need to find the right type of coffee that is unique to you. Surely you will have a stable, long-term customer base.

Currently, Kantata pure roasted and ground coffee products are being supplied to many cafes that want to buy pure roasted and ground coffee in Hanoi.

You can refer to our product lines to get the best choice for your coffee shop!

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